Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buddy's Tips #003- Mortgage Payment

Here is a technique I have used quite a bit. In the near future I will add my pre-payment techniques to this section. I pay my mortgage on a 25 day cycle. One technique I have used to maintain my 25 day payment schedule on my mortgage is to obtained a secure or unsecured loan to make my mortgage payment or prepayment. This technique can also be applied to other bills. While this may sound weird, it is actually a good way to meet all payment obligations in advance; it gives me an additional 30 days until the next billing cycle; and it gives me the time needed to pay-off the secured or unsecured loan during the 30 day time frame. Everybody wins and I do not have to worry about when I get paid to make my mortgage payment. Once I'm paid I simply pay off the loan.

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